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About Vaccine Information Statements

A VIS or Vaccine Information Statement is a document, produced by CDC, that informs vaccine recipients – or their parents or legal representatives – about the benefits and risks of a vaccine they are receiving.


Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-11161 Anthrax VIS – English (PDF) 03/2010
EF11-11161-add Anthrax VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 03/2010
EF11-11161A Anthrax VIS – Spanish (PDF) 03/2010
EF11-11161A-sup Anthrax VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 03/2010

Chicken Pox

Stock Number Title Revision
EC-97 Chickenpox VIS – English (PDF) 03/2008
EC-97-add Checkenpox VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 03/2008
EC-97A Chickenpox VIS – Spanish (PDF) 03/2008
EC-97A-sup Checkenpox VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 03/2008

Hepatitis A

Stock Number Title Revision
EC-95 Hepatitis A VIS – English (PDF) 10/2011
EC-95-add Hepatitis A VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 10/2011
EC-95A Hepatitis A VIS – Spanish (PDF) 07/2016
EC-95A-sup Hepatitis A VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 08/2016

Hepatitis B

Stock Number Title Revision
EC-106 Hepatitis B VIS – English (PDF) 02/2012
EC-106-add Hepatitis B VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 02/2012
EC-106A Hepatitis B VIS – Spanish (PDF) 07/2016
EC-106A-sup Hepatitis B VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 08/2016

Multiple Vaccines (DTaP, Hib, Hepatitis B, Polio, and PCV13)

Stock Number Title Revision
EC-113 Multiple Vaccines VIS – English (PDF) 11/2015
EC-113-add Multiple Vaccines VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 11/2015
EC-113A Multiple Vaccines VIS – Spanish (PDF) 11/2014
EC-113A-sup Multiple Vaccines VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 11/2014


Stock Number Title Revision
EC-99 Rabies VIS – English (PDF) 10/2009
EC-99-add Rabies VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 10/2009
EC-99A Rabies VIS – Spanish (PDF) 10/2009
EC-99A-sup Rabies VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 10/2009


Stock Number Title Revision
C-110 Rotavirus VIS – English (PDF) 04/2015
C-110-add Rotavirus VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 04/2015
C-110A Rotavirus VIS – Spanish (PDF) 04/2015
C-110A-sup Rotavirus VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 04/2015


Stock Number Title Revision
EC-112 Shingles VIS – English (PDF) 10/2009
EC-112-add Shingles VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 10/2009
EC-112A Shingles VIS – Spanish (PDF) 10/2009
EC-112A-sup Shingles VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 10/2009


Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-12050 Typhoid VIS – English (PDF) 05/2012
EF11-12050-add Typhoid VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 05/2012
EF11-12050A Typhoid VIS – Spanish (PDF) 05/2012
EF11-12050A-sup Typhoid VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 05/2012

Yellow Fever

Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-12051 Yellow Fever VIS – English (PDF) 03/2011
EF11-12051-add Yellow Fever VIS Addendum – English (PDF) 03/2011
EF11-12051A Yellow Fever VIS – Spanish (PDF) 03/2011
EF11-12051A-sup Yellow Fever VIS Addendum – Spanish (PDF) 03/2011