International Travel Vaccination Resources

The following resources are provided for your convenience; however, if you are planning on traveling abroad please make plans to visit us as soon as possible. Vaccination recommendations and laws vary from country to country and change with time, so it is important to get expert advice. Some of the vaccine series must be given over a number of months so remember to plan ahead and schedule your visit to the travel clinic far in advance of your trip.

CDC’s Travelers’ Health website. Look up the vaccination requirements for your travel destination, get the latest updates on international outbreaks, link to further reference materials and websites, and more. Visit:

Complete Immunization Price List

“Safety and Health During International Travel” (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Download a camera-ready copy of this bulletin at or call OSHA at (202) 693-2095 for a mailed copy.

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. This professional association’s website includes a travel clinic directory of members who specialize in travel and tropical medicine. Go to:

International Society of Travel Medicine. Visit for information on travel clinic locations in your area and more. Or call (770) 736-7060.

International Travel and Health (World Health Organization). WHO offers vaccination requirements and health advice on their website at:

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate