How can I make my baby more comfortable while they are getting vaccinated? You can learn about simple ways to make vaccines less stressful. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a list of tips called 9 tips to make shots less stressful.

What is the vaccine schedule? The recommended vaccine schedule is designed to keep infants and young children healthy. The CDC has created a schedule specifically for parents in English and Spanish. There is also a childhood vaccine assessment tool that will tell you which vaccines are needed based on your child’s age. A more detailed schedule can be found on the CDC website.

What diseases will the vaccines prevent? The nonprofit organization Every Child By Two recently launched an interactive vaccination eBook about the diseases that vaccines prevent. Click on the disease that you would like to learn more about. The CDC also created a parent-friendly guide to childhood vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

What is community immunity (also called herd immunity)? Community Immunity is when an entire group or community is protected from a disease. The more people who are immune from a disease, the less chance there is for the disease to spread, thereby protecting the whole group or community.

Are vaccines covered by my insurance? You can learn about the Texas Vaccines for Children program, which covers the cost of vaccines for eligible children. Immunize El Paso accepts most major insurance plans.

Which vaccines are required for school entry in Texas? According to Texas Law, certain vaccines are required for both daycare and school entry. For this school year, you can find the required school vaccines, as well as additional details, by visiting