Weststar Bank Donates $1,660 to Immunize El Paso in a Remarkable Act of Community Support

In a heartwarming demonstration of community spirit and corporate responsibility, Weststar Bank of El Paso, Texas, recently made a generous donation of $1,660 to Immunize El Paso. The funds were raised through a unique initiative that involved bank employees, showcasing their dedication to supporting the local community’s healthcare needs. This act of kindness exemplifies the bank’s commitment to making a positive impact in El Paso and beyond.

The donation to Immunize El Paso was the result of a collective effort by Weststar Bank employees. They came together to contribute to a fundraiser that involved a simple yet effective idea: wearing jeans to work. For each employee who participated in this initiative, a contribution of $5 was made, resulting in a total of $830.

What makes this donation even more remarkable is that Weststar Bank demonstrated its commitment to the cause by generously matching the contributions made by its employees. This matching donation doubled the initial funds raised, bringing the total donation to Immunize El Paso to $1,660.

Jonathan Duran of Weststar Bank presents Executive Director Henry Brutus with a donation check.

Immunize El Paso has played a crucial role in the local community by ensuring timely access to immunizations, especially for those who might otherwise face barriers to healthcare services. Weststar Bank’s Executive Chairman, L. Frederick Francis, expressed deep appreciation for Immunize El Paso’s leadership in serving the community. He emphasized the organization’s role as a vital healthcare resource for those in need.

Quoting Chairman Francis: “Immunize El Paso’s leadership in serving the El Paso community as a vital healthcare resource for those who do not have access to timely immunizations is appreciated in our community.”

Weststar Bank’s generous donation to Immunize El Paso serves as a shining example of corporate philanthropy at its best. It highlights the importance of businesses giving back to the communities they serve, especially in critical areas such as healthcare.

The donation of $1,660 by Weststar Bank to Immunize El Paso demonstrates the power of community support and corporate responsibility. This act of kindness not only provides essential financial assistance to a vital healthcare organization but also underscores Weststar Bank’s commitment to making a positive impact on the well-being of El Paso residents. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the positive change that can occur when individuals and businesses join forces to support their community’s needs.

If you are interested in joining in with Weststar by making a contribution, please visit https://www.immunizeelpaso.org/donate.