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Weststar Bank Donates $1,660 to Immunize El Paso in a Remarkable Act of Community Support

In a heartwarming demonstration of community spirit and corporate responsibility, Weststar Bank of El Paso, Texas, recently made a generous donation of $1,660 to Immunize El Paso. The funds were raised through a unique initiative that involved bank employees, showcasing their dedication to supporting the local community’s healthcare needs. This act of kindness exemplifies the […]

Meningitis Vaccination: A Must-Have for Texas College Students

Heading to college in Texas, maybe EPCC or UTEP?  There’s more on the checklist than just textbooks and dorm supplies. One crucial item is often overlooked, yet the state mandates it: the meningitis vaccine. What is Meningitis? Meningitis is an inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Various pathogens can cause […]

National Vaccination Awareness Month: The Importance of Staying Immunized

August marks National Immunization Awareness Month, a time to emphasize the significance of vaccinations in preventing diseases and ensuring public health. It’s a reminder that immunity, like many things in life, isn’t permanent. Over time, its protective shield can wane, making us susceptible to diseases we once thought safe. Our commitment to the community’s health […]

Immunize El Paso Responds to Arrival of XBB.1.5

El Paso is facing a new COVID-19 challenge, Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5. One of the aspects of this new variant is that it breaks through antibodies people may have from prior Covid-19 infections, making those antibodies useless. Early research has shown that the bivalent booster is effective against XBB.1.5. At Immunize El Paso, we are stocked […]

Immunize El Paso Begins Bivalent Vaccination for Children

Immunize El Paso has received bivalent booster vaccines from Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. So far, Immunize El Paso has administered 3,874 bivalent vaccines. With experts warning of a COVID-19 winter spike, the bivalent booster will play a key role in the severity of a COVID infection, hospitalizations, and death rates. “It is understandable that people may […]

Make a Difference: Your Donation Can Immunize El Paso’s Underserved

DONATE NOW! At Immunize El Paso, we believe that access to crucial vaccinations should be a right, not a privilege. Every day, we encounter individuals from underserved communities who are vulnerable not just because of where they live or their economic status, but because they lack access to life-saving vaccines. Why Your Donation Matters Vaccines […]