Immunize El Paso Responds to Arrival of XBB.1.5

El Paso is facing a new COVID-19 challenge, Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5. One of the aspects of this new variant is that it breaks through antibodies people may have from prior Covid-19 infections, making those antibodies useless.

Early research has shown that the bivalent booster is effective against XBB.1.5. At Immunize El Paso, we are stocked with bivalent boosters and prepared to immunize anyone who comes through our doors.

“Because everything is back to normal, people working, not wearing masks, stores and restaurants open etc. it’s easy to forget that we are still in a pandemic. But the fact is that Covid-19, regardless of what variant it is, is still very dangerous. Coronavirus is still causing hospitalizations and deaths throughout the country. Covid-19 should be taken very seriously.”

Immunize El Paso Director, Daniel Acosta

Covid-19 variants will continue to mutate and researchers are keeping an eye out for the next variant hoping the next one isn’t as bad as the one before.

For more information on the bivalent booster call (915) 533-3414, or for an appointment, visit